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Aujourd'hui le 17 septembre 2021


EcoloTOP is a lid of variable size for two-way collection of waste compatible with diverse waste bins.

Allows to keep dry collected materials.

Conservation of existing public waste bins while going green.

Allows to extend the life of existing waste bins, thus reducing the cost and environmental impact associated with the disposal of obsolete waste bins.

5 to 25 times less expensive than buying waste bins with 2 compartments.

Easy installation in less than 5 min of the lid and bags, and thus reduction of costs related to labor. (See installation procedures - PDF 48K)

EcoloTOP is designed for an efficient stacking, minimal packaging, lowering transport costs and optimizing storage.
Poubelle à double compartiments pour recyclage et déchets
Poubelle à double compartiments pour recyclage et déchets
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